Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hey guys its Jeff with the post of the day, over the past days i was doing some research like always for advertiser for business, and i found a site that can rely help your business, the is

Chitika pronounced (chih-ti-ka), is a website advertiser as i call it, this site it helps you advertise your business online. Chitika was founded in 2003, with a advertising network of 2 billion impressions per month this across over 30,000 websites in the net.

For advertiser and media buyers chitika is a proven channel for targeting online costumers and online qualifed buyers.

What does Chitika mean?
When Chitika co-founders, Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario left Lycos in 2003 to start their own company, they sought a name that would suggest the speed with which its customers would be able to put up ads on their Web sites. Chitika, which means “snap of the fingers” in Telugu (a South Indian language), captured this sentiment and Chitika Inc. was born. Chitika introduced its online-ads service in January, 2004.

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