Monday, September 14, 2009


Hey guys how you all doing, i hope your doing just fine, me I've been really busy the last couple of days in my day job and i haven't got time to sit and write on my blog until now.

Today we are gonna talk about your business inside the big pool that we call "Internet".
Over the last couple of days I've been trying to rich ideas to star a "selling company" as i call it, and during that I've realized, that to star one of this companies you are gonna need to main pieces put together in order to get the success you are looking for.

THE PRODUCT, you gotta have a unique product in order to get the attention from people to buy it, this product can be something that people need, something that people like, or just something that people would buy for luxury, either way your product gotta stay in the unique area. Many people just buy product off big industries and star selling the product for the company, you can do that but that process is not gonna get you very far, to me that's not having your own business, but many people do it and in some cases it work for them.

Now the next main piece is as important as the product....

THE ADVERTISING OF THE PRODUCT, this part right here is extremely important for the size of success you want accomplish, the advertising is how you let people know about your product, how you present your product to other people, threw the advertising you make your product look good this also helps in the convincing process, your gotta find a way to make people buy your product.
The advertising to me is something amazing, because by doing this small process your business grows in big proportions, basically every business big or small there is right now, started with advertising.

So to conclude, if you are thinking in building a company or a small home business remember always stay unique and advertise your product as much as you can, that's the only way your business will grow and generate profits to you.

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